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One Serious Blow – Protective Headwear

All it would take is one serious blow, to the head, to leave an otherwise strong and healthy person permanently brain-damaged or disabled for life.  As many of us know, a blow on the head can give you a whopper of a headache and make you say things you normally wouldn’t say.  Therefore, it is crucial to protect your head from the impact of falling objects, painful bumps and in some cases, from high-voltage electrical shock.  ANSI approved head protection is generally required when there is “a potential for head injury from falling or moving objects” and where employees’ heads are exposed to electricity.

Hard hats primarily protect from impacts to the top of the head, limit penetration of sharp objects which strike the top of the shell and provide some lateral protection.  To be effective, however, hard hats must be properly worn.  Some workers wear their hard hats backwards, which lessens the protection.  If it is worn tilted back on the head, it offers virtually no protection at all.

Because sense is not common, use your head to absorb knowledge and not blows to the head!

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