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Decision Making

Over the past few weeks, we have discussed Habits, Carelessness, Attitude and Behavior and how these can contribute to incidents.  Today, let’s take a look at decision making and how we can prevent incidents.  Two things to consider when we discuss decision making.  Those are you and your decision making process.

It also seems that most of us like to get our work done with the least amount of effort, and as quickly as possible.  We all want to get the most work out of the energy we have while working.  This is good because it often results in discovering newer and more efficient ways of getting our job completed.

This energy-saving attitude can also be negative if we make a wrong decision and take dangerous shortcuts.  All of us, at sometime or another, have exposed ourselves to possible injury by taking a shortcut when, with a little extra effort, we could have done it the safe way.  For example, when we were children, we took shortcuts by jumping the fence instead of using the gate. Now that we are adults we do it by crossing the street between the intersections.  Why?  Because we want to get there as quickly as possible, and use the least amount of energy we can while doing it.

No doubt, the safe way is not always the shortest or quickest way.  The safe way usually takes some time and extra effort while the unsafe way often appears to be more efficient at the time.  When we are faced with these situations, each one of us will make a conscious decision about what actions we will take next.

Sometimes we even talk ourselves into taking an unsafe shortcut by flawed reasoning.  We convince ourselves that it is worth taking the risk because we are in a hurry and can probably get away with it this time without being injured or caught.  After all, we have done it before without injury.

When you get right down to it though, I don’t think that most of us take shortcuts to save time as much as we do it because the safe way is just too much trouble.  Like using the wrong tool because it is too much trouble to get the right one.  Like using a chair because it’s too much trouble to go and get a ladder.  Or maybe like lifting more than you know is safe because it’s too much trouble to get someone to help you.

You always have a choice, but only you can decide to do it the safe way.  The safe way is usually not the shortest or fastest way, but it is your decision.


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