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Blog Updates

I have been posting to LinkedIn and wanted to ensure that I shared my brief blurbs here.  So here they are:


Growth – Follow good examples to set good examples. Today, change something in your behavior that might be an obstacle to your growth.

Wisdom – Find peace and tranquility to know peace and tranquility. Today, have the wisdom to know when to speak and when to remain silent and listen.

Expect Miracles – Be positive during your work day because everything depends on how you interpret it. Every action has a reaction.

Thanks! – Not every employee has the perfect job and not every employer has the perfect employee, but we can all be thankful. Let’s start caring for each other today.

Interpretation – Everything depends on how you interpret it. For Safety’s sake, communicate tasks well and ensure the receiver comprehends the tasks.

STAR – Remain Mindful and Take Deliberate Actions Taking on a new or routine task? -Stop; -Think about the task; -Act in a safe manner to accomplish the task; and then -Repeat this process for everything you do.

Don’t Diminish Your Ability to Choose – Hesitation is not a bad thing; sometimes it is wise to wait. Reflect on your motives once in a while. Do we hesitate to act because of ignorance or skepticism?

For Your Protection, Be Open to Correction – To change your mind and to accept correction are free acts. The action is yours, based on your own will, your own decision, and your own mind.

Cherish Communication – Make it a habit to be attentive to what another has to say and be in the mind of the speaker.