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STS Solutions can meet the many demands of field projects by supplying the onsite safety expertise your company requires. Key benefits of hiring project safety consulting professionals include:

  • Dedicated expertise managing risk in multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Additional safety management depth to assist with clear communications.
  • Flexibility to address safety on any shift.
  • Safety for project duration to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Firm based expertise for each project.
  • Providing staff or a safety group made up of professionals with particular expertise in different loss control/risk management or administrative disciplines.

Through a coordinative team effort, which draws upon the talents of each professional within the firm, we can provide complete, thorough and cost effective solutions, which include:

  • General administrative support, in our office or within yours.
  • Administrative support to enhance your reporting and safety performance.
  • Administrative support to manage safety databases, uploading safety information, training or Job Safety Analysis (JSA) development (ISN, PEC, SEMS, etc.).
  • Administrative support to manage and maintain your vendor sub-contractor’s environmental, safety and health management systems.